“Today” did a fun little segment on Friday’s (July 17) show, based on a recent University of Missouri at Columbia study that identifies the four types of drunks. The morning crew had good time calling each other out as the various types.

“There’s the Mary Poppins, the person who gets sweeter and happier when he or she drinks,” says Willie Geist, to which Al Roker immediately says, “That’s Savannah.” Natalie Morales adds, “Savannah’s known for this,” and imitates Guthrie’s drunk dancing skills.

“There’s the Ernest Hemingway — someone who seems completely unaffected by alcohol,” says Geist. The hosts agree that describes both Geist and Carson Daly, then Roker (who is just full of interesting information) says, “Though Natalie thinks she’s Ernest Hemingway … [but] you get emotional when you get drunk.”

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Roker then offers up an imitation of Morales when the “Today” crew covered the Turino Winter Olympics: “I remember in Turino, ‘You’re the beeest, I loooove you.'” And Guthrie says at the Sochi Olympics that Morales would take home meat from restaurants to feed all the stray dogs. They all take turns imitating Morales’ drunk slurring: “Look at that poor doggie, can I feed him? … I wanna go ffffeed the dogsh.”

The third kind of drunk is the Mr. Hyde, “the one whose evil twin comes out.” Nobody gets called out for that one, but they all kind of mutter that they know “that guy.”

And finally there’s the Nutty Professor, an introvert who loses all inhibitions when drinking. Based on the way he’s been divulging everyone’s secrets, it sounds like Al Roker might be the Nutty Professor.

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