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In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of people out there who find actor Tom Hardy very attractive. It makes sense, then, that while filming his upcoming series “Taboo,” photos have leaked from the set. Because the pictures aren’t revealing any spoilers — but instead, a heck of a lot of nudity.

The “Revenant” star and his father came up with the concept for the series, which will air on BBC and FX here in America.

Writer Steven Knight has said to Variety that it tells the story of “a deeply flawed and deeply troubled human-being. His greatest struggle will be against the East India Company which, throughout the 19th century, was the equivalent of the CIA, the NSA and the biggest, baddest multi-national corporation on earth, all rolled into one self-righteous, religiously motivated monolith.”

Hardy’s character also, apparently, likes to go boating in the nude.

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The UK Mirror has multiple shots of Hardy heavily-covered in tribal tattoos … and nothing else. In several, the “Dark Knight Rises” star even has his little Bane blurred.

Following the story of 19th-century adventurer/shipping magnate James Keziah Delaney, “Taboo” will air as an eight-part miniseries executive produced by Ridley Scott. It does not yet have a US premiere date yet, but it can be safely assumed that it will be rated TV MA.

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