One of the details that keeps "The Tonight Show" worth coming back to are the games that Jimmy Fallon plays with his celebrity guests. On Wednesday (June 22) Elle Fanning stopped by to promote her new movie, "The Neon Demon," and to liven things up, she joins Fallon and Higgins for a rousing game of Catchphrase. Bringing out Macklemore and Ryan Lewis -- who act as one person in the game -- the segment gets kooky pretty fast.

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For those unfamiliar with the game, it's quite simple. You can use a physical gesture or words to get your teammate to guess the clue given. However, if you say the actual word, your team loses that turn.

Things start off well enough for everyone but when Higgins tries to convey the word "Squeegee," he lets out a tiny squeal that should have some people worried. Unfortunately, Fanning didn't get the word in time and lost the point.

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Round two found Higgins redeeming himself as it seems he nails the Duck Face out the gate. Seriously, if nothing else is taken away from this game, it's that Jimmy Fallon's sidekick is a force to be reckoned with throughout the social media world of prepubescent teens. Look out kids, Higgins has got the Duck Face on lock!

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