Kristen Stewart stopped by Monday's (July 11) "Tonight Show" to promote her new movie, "Cafe Society." While it feels like any movie written and directed by Woody Allen shouldn't need any extra bump, the actress made her case on why this new film is worth your money. Of course, it would not be a Jimmy Fallon hour of TV if he didn't knock back a few drinks with his guest in the process.

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While it's not flip cup or beer pong, Fallon does talk Stewart into taking part in an off-kilter version of the classic game Twister. Referencing a picture from the Johnny Carson set, the two put a modern spin on the game by adding Jello shots into the mix. Kristen Stewart may be a talented actress but after this performance, she might want to add Jello Shot Twister Queen to her resume. Just sayin' ...

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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