Kristen Wiig dropped by "The Tonight Show" on Thursday and similar to previous appearances on the show, she came in character. This time around, Wiig brought her best Peyton Manning impression and while she was dressed the part, the interview unveils some new and intriguing details about the NFL champion.

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Running down the logistics of Sunday's big game, Manning lets the audience into his (her) mental process. When time is running out and you're "so far from the line," things can get really stressful when you have to "get this ball to the guy."

Watching Wiig and Fallon struggle to keep it together through the improvised segment is hilarious enough but the rapid fire round arrives and things get turned up a notch.

The quick interrogation begins and football fans far and wide find out some new info about the athlete. For instance, french fries and toast are Manning's favorite pre-game meal and Sears being his favorite clothing store.

Finally, showing the length of her talent, Wiig takes a golden football and shows off her throwing skills to end the very amusing segment.

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