Margot Robbie joined Jimmy Fallon in a few rounds of the whisper challenge in Tuesday's (March 1) episode of "The Tonight Show." Donning a set of noise canceling headphones, Fallon was up first to decipher the phrases coming out of Robbie's mouth.

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Apparently, "Reese Witherspoon" is a name anyone can recognize, whether hearing it or reading one's lips. Unfortunately for Robbie, Fallon doesn't end up pronouncing "Bondi Beach" properly, leaving her with no points on the board.

Maybe he has the home court advantage but it doesn't take Fallon long before getting the next point with the term, "fuggedaboutit." At this point, there's no way for Robbie to win the game but it really doesn't matter, right? Just watching her get joy out of the process of reading lips is enough to make anyone smile.

One has to wonder, though, if her "Suicide Squad" alter-ego Harley Quinn would've gotten "labradoodle" right. The world may never know.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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