Jimmy Fallon has brought the Acting Game back to "The Tonight Show." In Wednesday's (Feb. 24) episode, "Empire" star Taraji P. Henson stopped by and got in on the improvisational fun with the host.

Presenting a bright yellow rotary phone -- what's that? -- the two switch turns reading out sincerely dramatic scenes for the other to play out. Ever want to see what it'd be like if Cookie Lyon was an astronaut that couldn't make it home?

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Now is your chance as Henson plays up the importance of her nail appointment ... and waxing job? Houston, we have a problem!

The next scene finds Fallon dealing with some gastrointestinal issues while trying to hold a conversation with Queen Elizabeth. Heavily playing off the fart humor -- which at times just sounds like Donald Duck -- the scenario still succeeds at invoking the laughs from the audience.

Rounding it out with a scenario involving a woman pregnant with triplets and a lost husband, Henson attacks the phone with a voracity that'll make any man think twice before missing their child's birth. Holy moly!

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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