In Monday's (Feb. 15) episode of "The Tonight Show," Will Ferrell returned with a new rendition of the classic "Tight Pants" sketch. Appearing in the mop-top wig and form-fitting white trousers, the familiar melody soon hits finding Ferrell doing the twist and singing.

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"Everybody's lookin' at my tight pants," Ferrell sings and after a beat, he's joined by Christina Aguilera who adds a nice harmony to the performance. The two celebrate the tightness of their pants but when Jimmy Fallon joins the circle, things take a dark turn.

After a brief moment, it looks like Fallon is encroaching on their space and soon the question of Aguilera's fidelity -- she plays Ferrell's wife here -- comes into play. The question of paternity soon passes as the "Tonight Show" host exits the segment, leaving everyone to imagine how a baby can be "swaddled in the tightest of pants."

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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