tracie bennett red carpet nc 325 Tony Awards 2012: Tracie Bennett celebrates Judy Garland's 90th birthday with nomination

Zap2it: As Judy Garland in “End of the Rainbow,” you’re singing, acting and flinging yourself about the stage. What do you do after the show?
Tracie Bennett: I have a cosmo and talk to my friends. Sometimes I go home and watch trash TV. I won’t name anything.
Zap2it: How did you prepare for this role?
Tracie Bennett: It is like any role, really. There were lots of documents. I read every book going. I cross-referenced it. I always work with as much knowledge as possible. It is a way of life for me. Being a dancer, that stood me in good stead. You have to balance your life.
Zap2it: What’s your take on your competition – Linda Lavin, Cynthia Nixon, Stockard Channing and Nina Arianda?
Tracie Bennett: I am thrilled to bits. They are solid, fine actresses. It is amazing to me to be in their company, and as a Brit as well.
Zap2it: How do you slip into the role before each performance?
Tracie Bennett: I get into the theater three hours before [curtain]. I have done my homework. I like that time to be quiet and to let it come over me. I am thinking about how I can make it better. As I am doing my eyebrows, I am thinking of how I can be more generous to other actors.
Zap2it: Do you have a pre-show ritual?
Tracie Bennett: To go on, I put the shoes on, I put the engagement ring on, then the scarf and the hat. By the time the coat is on, I am finally confident that I am going into Judy.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler