“Scandal” fans are pretty evenly divided on whether they are Team Jake or Team Fitz. Let’s face it, it’s a hard choice — they are both beyond hot.  President Fitzgerald Grant himself, Tony Goldwyn, revealed on “Watch What Happens Live” Thursday (Jan. 29) that he too questioned his team loyalty once.

“I actually directed the last episode (Season 4 fall finale), so I directed the scene where they (Kerry Washington and Scott Foley) were dancing together and the whole love scene,” Goldwyn tells host Andy Cohen. “So in that moment I was Team Jake. I really have trouble watching their love scenes.”
It seems watching the steamy Team Jake scenes also gives the actor a bit of selective memory loss. When a caller asked how he felt about Jake and Olivia’s beach “finger-banging” scene Goldwyn innocently asked Cohen, “Is that what they were doing there?” 
“Literally I blocked it out because I was so incredibly jealous of how good-looking Scott Foley is,” Goldwyn explains.
The appearance on the talk show was quite revealing for the actor. Cohen really got him to spill some a lot of his own scandalous secrets. One of the juicy tidbits included that Goldwyn once had sex with one of his mother’s friends. Even more salacious — the actor was only 15 at the time!
Posted by:Sarah Huggins