It’s an interesting time in WWE. The women’s division has ditched the Diva title, while their reality series “Total Divas” is about to end its current season — leading to major changes.

First and foremost the Bella Twins — Nikki and Brie — are being spun off onto their own show, “Total Bellas,” which will follow them through a neck injury (Nikki) and into retirement (Brie). There’s also some major cast changes coming to Season 6. Lana, Maryse and Renee Young (finally!) will join the show and the shenanigans of the women’s division on the road.

In case you were thinking of skipping the Season 5 finale of “Total Divas,” that would be a serious mistake. In fact, in many instances “Total Divas” is more fun to watch than “WWE Raw.” Don’t believe us? Check out seven perfect examples of what makes “Total Divas” so great below.

1. Women wrestlers get character development that ‘WWE Raw’ is lacking

As WWE is moving into the Women’s Championship era of female wrestling, things are changing. Hopefully that means more character development for the women working hard in the division because that’s been sorely lacking in recent years.

That is, unless you’re watching “Total Divas.” The behind-the-scenes access the show gives to the viewers does a better job of building up the likes of the Bellas, Paige, Alicia Fox an Eve Marie more than a backstage interview on “WWE Raw” ever could.

2. It shows Daniel Bryan isn’t a character, it’s the real guy

Daniel Bryan on 'Total Divas'

Daniel Bryan is a nerd. There’s no other way to say it. The bearded vegetarian pro wrestler stole the hearts of just about every single WWE fan and became one of the most popular wrestlers ever before having to retire due to injury. However, it was “Total Divas” that showed Bryan for who he really is.

It turns out the real man behind the character is, well, the character. Bryan is a nerd in his heart, in the best possible way. He dreams of living off the land, he makes jokes about poop and he’ll laugh at almost any bad joke he hears. The world loved Daniel Bryan the wrestler because he was so relatable. It’s good to know Daniel Bryan the man is the exact same way.

3. Paige is a crazy person and it’s the best

Paige on 'Total Divas'

Those who only know her from “WWE Raw” will think of Paige as the anti-diva — a screaming goth girl with excellent wrestling skills. What “Total Divas” will show you is the personality behind the on-screen persona and she’s a blast. She likes to party, will never be seen without a backwards baseball cap and somehow always tracks down the week’s misadventure. The world needs more of Paige stat.

4. You never get this much Natalya on ‘WWE Raw’

Natalya on 'Total Divas'

Natalya is a fantastic wrestler with a great personality, though you wouldn’t really know it by watching most WWE programming. Luckily, it’s on “Total Divas” that she gets to shine.

Without this show you wouldn’t know about her obsession with cats, corny sense of humor, what the relationship with her dad Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart is like. The show also goes inside her marriage with WWE superstar Tyson Kidd, which is a welcome story.

All of these little moments create a far more dynamic person that she gets to play on TV.

5. It turns out the Bella Twins couldn’t be any more different if they tried

You’d think twins would share a personality, but Brie and Nikki are definite individuals. Brie, who is married to Daniel Bryan, enjoys organic local foods, lives off the land and can’t wait to be a mom. Nikki, on the other hand, enjoys the finer things in life — shopping, nice restaurants and traveling the world with her beau, John Cena. As the two spin off into their own series, they’ll still feature prominently on “Total Divas.”

6. Paige and Alicia Fox’s friendship is perfection

You wouldn’t know it by their interactions on TV, but Paige and Alicia Fox are the best BFFs the WWE could ask for. The two hang out all the time, go on wacky adventures, have amazing throwdown arguments and through it all are thick as thieves. While the Bellas are getting their own spinoff, a show just about Paige ad Alicia traveling the world together would be pure magic.

7. A little insight into the real John Cena is nice

As far as WWE fans know, John Cena is nothing more than what the brightly colored T-shirts he wears proclaim: Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. On-screen, Cena is a man who wrestlers in sneakers and jorts, wears a baseball cap and use to battle rap other wrestlers.

That’s not the man Cena is these days, though. He wears suits, lives in a mansion and spends a lot of time working out. he’s also a man who knows what he wants, or in the case of his relationship with Nikki Bella, what he doesn’t want.

It’s refreshing to see an unguarded Cena who isn’t playing for camera and live audiences, but rather is up front about the fact that he’s not wild about the idea of getting married a second time and isn’t interested in having kids.

The “Total Divas” Season 5 finale airs Tuesday, April 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!.

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