Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial for its 2016 Prius, entitled “The Longest Chase” features some familiar faces –Pablo Schreiber, Chris Bauer, James Ransone also known to fans of HBO’s “The Wire” as the Sobotka family.

All three actors emerged in the second season of the critically acclaimed series as Nick (Schreiber), Frank (Bauer) and Ziggy Sobotka (Ransone). That specific season circled around the family, who became part of an organized crime organization controlling the docks in Baltimore.

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The commercial follows four buddies who choose the all-new Prius as their getaway car, after a bank robbery. The power and performance of the vehicle not only help the group outrun the cops, but it also allows them to be stealth in their getaway.

Although the Sobotkas reunite in the heist, it would be impossible for this to occur with the actual characters from their sole season together on “The Wire.” Nick was entering the federal witness protection program in the season finale, while his uncle, Frank, is dead by the end of the season and his cousin, Ziggy, is serving a long sentence for murder.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes