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Bad news for “Peaks” freaks: That gum you like won’t be coming back into style until 2017.

On Tuesday (Nov. 3), CBS Corp chief Leslie Moonves dropped the bomb that Showtime won’t be premiering its eagerly-anticipated “Twin Peaks” reboot until 2017. And although fans immediately began banging their heads in anger like Johnny Horne with his dollhouse, there is hope.

Diane, take a note: Here are five reasons why the delay is actually a good thing.

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More episodes

Only a show like “Twin Peaks” could get away with not giving any sort of specific answer as to how many episodes are being filmed, but simply continuing to say “more than nine.” Well, a hundred is more than nine — but then again, so is ten. Cheer up, “Peaks” fans, a delay means that David Lynch has more time to make whatever magic number is floating around in that delightfully twisted mind of his (and likely being recited backwards by a small man in a suit). Of course, the natural inclination is to hope for as many as possible — but instead, let’s hope Lynch makes exactly as many as he feels appropriate, and not a single minute more.

More new characters

Of course, everybody is excited to catch up with Nadine and Big Ed Hurley a quarter-century later. But if this series is to truly flourish, fans need to see more than whether Nadine ever perfected those noiseless drapes. The series needs fresh blood — and so far, the casting choices are quite intriguing, from Amanda Seyfried to Jennifer Jason Leigh. With an original cast in the dozens, simply re-establishing all those storylines and characters would have eaten half of the original nine planned episodes. Now, Lynch has as much time as he wants to create that next Denise Bryson, Lucy Moran or Albert Rosenfield — seemingly less-important characters who blossomed into scene-stealers under his tutelage.

More old characters

OK, who are we kidding? What “Peaks” fans really want is the same thing millions of folks will hunger for when they see “The Force Awakens” in December: An iconic actor doing that thing you love again. But instead of Harrison Ford flying the Millenium Falcon, we want Kyle MacLachlan eating pie. We want Joan Chen emerging from a piece of IKEA furniture. We want to see if Sherilyn Fenn can still do the cherry trick — and with these few extra months, Fenn has more time to practice and Lynch has plenty of time to come up with scenes to justify all these trips down memory lane.

More randomness

Remember how, on the original “Peaks,” the camera would often linger in the red room and let things unveil themselves like slow, methodical nightmares? Watch this scene and focus not only on what you’re seeing, but what you’re not: The fast-paced, short-attention-span editing style of so many modern shows. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks — and to love “Twin Peaks” is to want 69-year-old David Lynch to do things in his signature style. More weird people, more giants, more llamas? Bring on the randomness.

More Julee Cruise?

Wasn’t it cute how, on the second season of “True Detective,” that lounge singer was trying so hard to be Julee Cruise? Sorry sister, the original is still the best, and nobody could create a mood quite like she and Angelo Badalamenti did for the classic series’ entire run. Although Badalamenti has been confirmed as a returning talent, Cruise’s name has been mysteriously absent. If there was any doubt that there’d be time for some character to wander into the Roadhouse bar and find Cruise singing a lengthy, hypnotic ballad, let’s hope that now Lynch will have enough room to put her back on stage.

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