Kyle MacLachlan is a man of eclectic tastes, as evidenced by a resume that includes such projects as “Portlandia,” “Showgirls” and “Inside Out.” The 57-year-old actor is also a big fan of emojis, apparently — which is why he’s currently attempting to explain his most complicated projects to people, speaking only in a language of poops, fist bumps and “100” symbols.

Luckily for you, we speak fluent MacLachlan. So, let’s take a look at the actor’s attempt at summary and see how close he got.

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‘Twin Peaks’

Twenty-six years after MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper first told Diane about the mysterious death of Laura Palmer, David Lynch’s influential series is still considered one of the most cryptic, inexplicable TV shows of all time. So, how better to explain it than with tiny symbols of fish and lightbulbs?

Of course, the copious “coffee” emojis indicate Coop’s love for his damn fine java (although a slice of cherry pie is conspicuously absent). The fire could allude to several moments in the series and movie, but most likely means “Fire Walk with Me” — a phrase offering clues to Laura Palmer’s killer, and the title of the movie referenced above.

The rain/cherry/Norwegian flag emoji section references One Eyed Jack’s, where Audrey Horne went undercover and scored herself a job by doing this. Meanwhile, the saxophone, motorcycle and traffic light section undoubtedly refers to James and one of the last moments anyone saw Laura alive.

MacLachlan rounds up his summary with the ultimate fate of Cooper — well, at least until the Showtime series tells us what happens next. A bed, a lock and the yin/yang emojis reflect his haunting imprisonment in the black lodge.

Missing Emojis: Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be emojis for ceiling fans, logs, people wrapped in plastic or Windom Earle chess boards. We’re also in desperate need of an emoji depicting Miguel Ferrer screaming at you. Hopefully, Twitter can get right on that.

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