The clock is ticking for “Twin Peaks” fans everywhere as the highly anticipated revival is slated to hit Showtime sometime in 2017. Sure, it’s taking a while for the series to premiere but, for good reason. More episodes have since been added to the original order and David Lynch is no longer fighting Showtime regarding budgetary restraints.

With the episode order came a list of 217 actors set to appear in the sequel series and this leaves us wondering so many things. But on top of our list of quandaries is one pressing question: Who will play Killer Bob?

bob twin peaks Who will play Killer Bob in the Twin Peaks revival?

Frank Silva was the original actor behind the evil spirit and his addition into the “Twin Peaks” story is one of cult TV legend. Working on the program as a set dresser, Lynch noticed him in a shot where he shouldn’t have been. Trying to hide from the camera, Silva’s lurking inspired Lynch and thusly, Bob was born.

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Of the many iconic characters in the Mark Frost/David Lynch series, Killer Bob is one of those faces that is difficult to erase from one’s memory. And with his sinister ways, and connection to Laura Palmer’s death, it’s only right that the character live on in the new episodes. Unfortunately, Silva passed away in 1995. So, who will take his place?

Scrolling through the IMDB page for the series, six actors really jumped out at us who would do the role justice. Eddie Vedder, Matthew Lillard and Jeremy Davies were all in the running to be cast — if we were casting this thing — but after a lot of thought, we narrowed it down to these three actors below.

Robert Knepper

robert knepper prison break1 Who will play Killer Bob in the Twin Peaks revival?

One of television’s creepiest faces, Robert Knepper has made a name for himself by playing the seedy bad guys. From “Carnivale” to “Prison Break” to “Heroes,” he’s racked up quite the villainous resume.

That being said, how odd would it look to see Mr. Knepper with long hair? That may be … weird.

Frank Collison

frank collison gi Who will play Killer Bob in the Twin Peaks revival?

The veteran character actor has been known to disappear into the roles he plays and he has shown he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty. Plus, he’s one of those talents that can easily alter his appearance to play anything from the nosey next-door neighbor in “Silicon Valley” to Admiral Iron Sides in “Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson.”

Vincent Castellanos

vincent castellanos actor Who will play Killer Bob in the Twin Peaks revival?

Just look at that picture and you’ll see the resemblance between Vincent Castellanos and Frank Silva. The only issue here is that Castellanos probably doesn’t look like this anymore. Still, he’s not a super recognizable actor which would suit him well if he were to delve into the iconic character. The fact that he’s worked with David Lynch previously also helps.

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