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Showtime president David Nevins had some exciting news for “Twin Peaks” fans Tuesday (Aug. 11) at the 2015 TCA summer press tour — shooting starts soon, there will be some cast surprises and he hopes the show sees the air in 2016. Plus, he says all fans’ questions will be answered.

“Shooting starts in September. Expect the familiar faces fans are waiting for, as well as some big surprises. ” Nevins reveals, adding later, “I think you should be optimistic that the people that you want will be there and there will be some surprises.”

As for the air date, which Mark Frost recently said would probably be 2017, Nevins says he hopes it’s sooner.

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“I want it as badly and as soon as I think the biggest fans in the world want it, so I’m hoping we make 2016, but it’s not clear,” says Nevins. “It’s ultimately going to be in [Mark Frost and David Lynch’s] control. They’re going to shoot the whole thing and then they’re going to start post [production]. So bottom line is I’ll take it when they’re ready for it. I can’t be any clearer if it’s 2016 or ’17, but I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later.”

There was a worry earlier this year that “Twin Peaks” might not get made at all after the dust-up with David Lynch over the budget. Nevins says he was never really that worried about it.

“I never had any doubts we were gonna get him back. This was a huge priority project to me,” says Nevins. “What happened was it became clear it was going to take more than nine episodes, which was what was originally planned, originally budgeted for … so we had to work out the details. I really wanted to get David to direct the whole thing, he wanted to direct the whole thing. We eventually got through it and it looks to be in great shape.”

Expanding on the “nine episodes” comment, Nevins says that he doesn’t know how many episodes “Twin Peaks” will be but it will most likely be more than the original nine.

“I expect it to be more than nine, but it’s open-ended,” says Nevins. “I know what the shooting schedule is and then I’ll let [Lynch] cut into as many episodes as he wants. Ultimately, he has creative control. He deserves it and I’m very happy to give it to him. … We just had to figure out how to account for what was clearly going to end up being more than nine hours.”

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Nevins also reveals that Lynch is approaching “Twin Peaks” by “directing it as one long movie” and it will be filming in both Los Angeles and Washington state.

Finally, Nevins says that fans’ questions about the original series will absolutely be answered. If viewers will recall, Agent Cooper was last seen as an evil version of himself inhabited by the spirit of BOB, emerging from the Black Lodge back into the Great Northern. It left a lot of questions, but Nevins says those answers are coming.

“It’s very satisfying. There were certain basic questions that I had at the end of the [original series] given where Agent Cooper is, and I think those questions get answered. … 25 years have passed, but it resolves the questions left from the original series,” says Nevins.

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