Certain shows may be ratings juggernauts, but which ones are rising to the top of the Twitter-verse?

The popular social platform has released its Top 10 Trending TV Shows of 2016, based on most-tweeted hashtags, and one thing is for sure — Twitter has good taste in TV. There are lists for both worldwide trends and U.S.-specific trends. So, which shows were hashtag-blessed in 2016?

#10 — ‘Big Brother’ Brasil (world), ‘The Bachelor’ (U.S.)

Reality shows are big on Twitter, whether being tweeted about from diehard fans or hate-watchers.

Sample tweets:

#9 — ‘The Voice’ (world), ‘Teen Wolf’ (U.S.)

“The Voice” is one of the biggest shows on TV and airs dozens of editions worldwide, so that’s not a surprise — but look at the “Teen Wolf” fans coming on strong in the U.S.! This supernatural drama is one of only three basic cable shows on the U.S. list — it doesn’t get nearly the ratings of the other two entries, so it’s extra impressive how strong the hashtag is.

Sample tweets:

#8 — ‘Empire’ (world), ‘American Horror Story: Roanoke’ (U.S.)

The Lyon family drama and the annual FX bloodbath are always good for some excellent tweet fodder.

Sample tweets:

#7 — ‘Stranger Things’ (world), ‘The Voice’ (U.S.)

“Stranger Things” became a worldwide phenomenon when it dropped in July on Netflix — and “The Voice” ranks even higher in the U.S. than worldwide overall.

Sample tweets:

#6 — ‘Orange Is the New Black’ (world), ‘Empire’ (U.S.)

After four seasons, Netflix’s women’s prison dramedy shows no signs of slowing down — and as we’ve seen, “Empire” still keeps Twitter hopping every Wednesday night.

Sample tweets:

#5 — ‘MasterChef Brazil’ (world), ‘Stranger Things’ (U.S.)

This is the second show from Brazil to make the worldwide Top 10 list, so obviously the Twitter game is strong with the Brazilians. “Stranger Things,” meanwhile, took Twitter by storm.

Sample tweets:

#4 — ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (world), ‘OITNB’ (U.S.)

The Brazilians aren’t the only ones hot on Twitter. South Korean television series “Descendants of the Sun” was so popular that it came in at No. 4 on the list. This military/medical drama streams on Viki and is broadcast worldwide with English subtitles on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System). It has been exported to 32 countries.

And of course, “Orange Is the New Black” is chugging right along, with a fifth season due out summer 2017.

Sample tweets:

#3 — ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (world and U.S.)

We knew “Grey’s” was popular in the U.S., but who knew it had such an international following. Also, kudos to this Shonda Rhimes medical drama for still being uber-popular in its thirteenth season.

Sample tweets:

#2 — ‘The Walking Dead’ (world and U.S.)

No surprise here. “The Walking Dead” has the highest total viewership of any cable TV program in history, earning numbers a lot of broadcast networks would kill for. And it is broadcast in over 100 countries worldwide in over 40 different languages.

Sample tweets:

#1 — ‘Game of Thrones’ (world and U.S.)

Again, it’s unsurprising “Game of Thrones” is topping both lists. This fantasy drama based on George R.R. Martin’s series of books has only grown in popularity over the first six seasons. The seventh and final season in 2017 should be its biggest yet.

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