Like every one of the 27 seasons of "The Amazing Race," the finale on Friday (Dec. 11) played out like a deranged remake of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World." Amidst all the frantic fireman-training, Sea-Doo-riding and lobster-fishing, there was a plethora of footage of people begging cab drivers to take them to the treasure -- but these contestants had a different "Big W" in mind: The title of "Winner."

Read on for not only a summary of who won the big race, but also a preview of Season 28. But beware: Like the Amazing Racers themselves, you'll be dealing with an unexpected road ... of spoilers galore.

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There were lots of partners turning on each other and screaming frantically as Logan & Chris, Kelsey & Joey and Justin & Diana scrambled around the New York/Long Island area. A pivotal point came when the couples arrived at a training ground for firemen, arriving in various cabs -- only to emerge to a mad scramble after realizing that not everyone had transportation to the next destination.

After 34,000 miles and multiple continents, the race all came down to a beach competition in The Hamptons. And the winners are ... Kelsey and Joey! Logan and Chris continued bickering right through the finish line, while a tearful Justin and Diana kept ruing their missed taxi.

"The very first thing for us is get a place together, to move in together," Joey says of what he wants to do with the prize money. "And I want to pay off my parents' house."

And if you can't get enough "Amazing Race," be sure to check out the exclusive Season 28 preview at the top of this page. The next season will feature various social media personalities, including YouTubers and Vine stars -- headlined by Tyler Oakley. Once again competing for $1 million, the news season kicks off Feb. 12.

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