Under the Dome Mike Vogel

Zap2it: What does your character Dale “Barbie” Barbara think the dome is?

Mike Vogel of “Under the Dome”: I would not say that I am a massive sci-fi freak but what I love about good sci-fi is that it’s real people reacting to completely unbelievable circumstances. …

Julia was kind of always the (one) who had a — I don’t want to say a relationship with the dome — but she understood it as a thing and it interacted with her. For Barbie, it was just about how do we keep these people alive for as long as we possibly can until A) we can get them out of here, or B) get this thing down. And I think last season Barbie saw a lot of things that he could not explain, from going through a portal into his hometown and finding a way back into the dome to get everyone out … . But I think this year, Barbie becomes much more of a believer in the supernatural that surrounds this whole thing.

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Zap2it: How have fans been when they’ve spotted you out in public?

Mike Vogel: The fun thing about shooting in Wilmington (N.C.) is that it’s a small town and has a really intimate feel, so everyone knows the things that are shooting in town and what’s going on around town. … Wilmington kind of functions as a little mini-Chester’s Mill. Everyone’s invested in the show. They are all wanting to know this season what’s happening, what is different. “I hope you kill Big Jim this year. I hope … .” They really get into the relationships, which is exciting for us because it shows that we’re getting through the message of what we’re trying to put out there. But yeah, it is funny. Wilmington functions as its own little Chester’s Mill here.

Posted by:Kiley Thompson