under the dome black ice 'Under the Dome': The dome is shrinking in 'Black Ice'Crises come and go so quickly “Under the Dome,” don’t they?

It’s been like this all season — some interesting mythology-heavy episodes alternated with Crisis of the Week episodes that hardly advance the plot. The latter is the category “Black Ice” belongs in.

The crisis this week is that the dome begins rotating, due to the egg and whatever the Zenith folks are doing to it. The rotation causes the atmosphere to be dragged down, which brings life-threateningly cold temperatures to Chester’s Mill. A nameless lady dies, but all the main characters make it out alive, even if Melanie may not be too long for the world, since apparently whatever Zenith is doing to the egg is negatively affecting her.

The interesting plot points are thus: Big Jim saves Lyle in the freezing lake because he wants to show Pauline that he’s changed; Hunter has been communicating with the outside world and Don Barbara in regards to the egg, though he tells the Zenith guys to stop messing with the egg; it may be me reading too much into it, but did it seem like Pauline and Rebecca Pine had some tension between them?

The big reveal, that is obviously launching us into the final Season 2 episodes, is that at the end of the episode, the dome stops rotating and starts shrinking in on itself. The effects for that were pretty cool, I thought. But what is probably happening is that one of the aliens popped the dome into the oven — Shrinky Domes.

What did you think of “Black Ice”?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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