John Legend finally shows up in Wednesday’s (April 5) episode of “Underground,” helping to stoke the flames of freedom as abolitionist icon Frederick Douglass. His cameo is brief, but his interaction with Cato and William Still (Chris Chalk) allude to the rising tensions that will eventually lead everyone to war.

“Whiteface” unleashes three separate (and intense) reunions that not only help center the story, but some loose ends are tightened — revealing a hint at Season 2’s battle formation.

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Noah & Rosalee
(Jurnee Smollett-Bell & Aldis Hodge)

underground 205 aldis hodge A John Legend cameo & three intense reunions set Underground up for war

Let’s be honest here: No one was expecting Noah and Rosalee to reunite so quickly, but here we are! Yes, Noah’s a free man — thanks to Cato — but that didn’t stop us from gasping when he walked into Georgia’s (Jasika Nicole) house.

The reunion between Noah and Rosalee was as emotional as you’d expect: He finally uses that ring he’s been carrying to make things official with his one true love. But while she is carrying his child, it seems Rosalee’s not giving up the fight just yet. Instead of trying to talk her down — she’s carrying his child! — Noah escorts her back to the Macon plantation to rescue her mother, Ernestine (Amirah Vann) and her brother, Sam (Johnny Ray Gill).

They’re in for some major disappointment once they get there, though: Tom Macon (Reed Diamond) murdered Sam in Season 1, before being killed by Ernestine — who was soon shipped far away.

Patty Cannon & August Pullman
(Sadie Stratton & Christopher Meloni)

underground 205 patty cannon august pullman A John Legend cameo & three intense reunions set Underground up for war

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Patty Cannon almost captured Rosalee in “Ache” (March 22) — but that lucky failure may mean she’s in over her head. Cannon frees August from prison with the intention of tracking down “the Black Rose” once and for all… And what better way to take down Rosalee than with the help of a man still so traumatized by his son’s death.

If Patty does catch Rosalee, we’re pretty certain she’ll get to Harriet Tubman (Aisha Hinds) next. But as we’ve learned throughout the first two seasons of “Underground,” each Macon 7 survivor has to keep some unexpected tricks up their sleeves.

Cato & Devi
(Alano Miller & Rana Roy)

underground season 2 cato debbie A John Legend cameo & three intense reunions set Underground up for war

The episode comes full circle once Cato is face-to-face with Patty and August. Up to this point, the man has always traded money for status — but no amount of cash or grandstanding can bail Cato out once these mercenaries enter his home. We already know they’re looking for Rosalee, and it feels like there’s no love lost there. Still, Cato did set Noah free, and his influence did send the man back into Rosalee’s arms…

It only takes a moment for all Cato’s power to be stripped away completely: Patty and August murder all of his men without breaking a sweat. But what really breaks Cato down is the surprise return of Devi, his European lover. Cato’s right-hand-man brings her back from Britain with the sole purpose of reminding Cato of his own humanity — to hopefully reconnect him with the man he once was. Cato’s property is soon taken from him, leaving us to wonder if Patty and August have taken him as property, as well. Can Devi help Cato find himself before it’s too late?

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underground 205 alano miller cato A John Legend cameo & three intense reunions set Underground up for war

Hitting its halfway point, Season 2 is gearing up to get the whole band back together. Noah and Rosalee are heading to their old plantation, and Patty and August will surely be on their tails sooner than later.

As Ernestine puts a plan in motion to escape her own island prison, it seems “Underground” is aiming to reunite its core group of heroes. At the end of the day, the series has and always will be about family — and once everyone is reunited, the true fight can begin.

“Underground” Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

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