Anyone who watches Lifetime’s “UnREAL” will tell you its like a fiery car crash — so gruesome you just can’t look away. We’re all fascinated to see into the behind-the-scenes world of “Everlasting,” which is really just a stand-in for “The Bachelor.”

But how true is this gritty drama to what actually goes on during reality dating shows?

We caught up with “The Bachelor” fan favorites, Emily and Haley Ferguson — aka The Twins — while they were promoting their new spinoff “The Twins: Happily Ever After,” to see just how real “UnREAL” is. According to them, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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“I’ve only seen a couple episodes of the show ‘UnREAL,” Haley Ferguson says, “And from what I’ve seen, I honestly never experienced that while I was filming for ‘The Bachelor’ or any of those reality shows. I feel like it’s extremely dramatic and not true at all. Maybe someone else has a different opinion on it, but for us…”

“– We didn’t experience that at all,” Emily says, finishing her sister’s sentence like a true twin: “We had an amazing experience filming our TV show for ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise.'”

“We wouldn’t be doing the show if it was like that at all,” Haley says.

It’s a little disappointing to hear that it’s not all food poisoning and fake rings, but ultimately it’s probably for the best. Can you imagine if “The Bachelor” producers were really doing all those awful things to contestants behind the cameras?

“The Twins: Happily Ever After” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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