Every week, we finish watching “UnREAL” with the notion that it can’t get any crazier. And every week, we are proven wrong. Monday’s (July 25) episode dropped a couple major bombshells. We not only got answers as to what Yael (Monica Barbaro) — aka Hot Rachel — has been up to, but we also get some back story behind Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) weird relationship with her mother. Needless to say, this episode — titled “Fugitive” — was all about some dark secrets.

First up, we’d like to say we called it because … well, during Zap2it’s Facebook Live chat with Monica Barbaro, we predicted her character’s twist. After seeing Hot Rachel record a private conversation with Jeremy (Josh Kelly) in last week’s episode, it was hard to not think she was actually an undercover reporter. Five minutes into the episode, Yael admitted her true colors to Coleman (Michael Rady) and backed up her assignment with details that made it hard for the producer to ignore.

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Instead of reporting her to Quinn (Constance Zimmer), Coleman did his own digging. After breaking Rachel free from her mother’s (Mimi Kuzyk) grasp, he recorded her admission of all the illegal actions the “Everlasting” crew have done over the years. Last week’s shooting of Romeo (Gentry White) led her down this dark spiral and while it feels like she’s finally coming clean, there’s one final secret that comes out.

It’s later when Quinn gets Rachel’s mother to leave and while she almost came out with the truth behind their awkward relationship to the accompanying doctor, it was Coleman she ended up confiding in. Apparently, when Rachel was 12-years old, she was raped by one of her mom’s patients. Instead of reporting it to the police, Dr. Goldberg covered it up to protect her business and she’s been medicating her daughter ever since. Well … that pretty much explains all of Rachel’s issues.

But what about Coleman? He says he loves Rachel and it’s a believable sentiment. But with the truth coming out, it seems he is sniffing out his own story to pursue. If he teams with Yael on the investigation, he’d be betraying Rachel’s trust. Then again, there’s that big opportunity the couple have been looking for to break free of “Everlasting.” By all accounts, this is that opportunity.

“UnREAL” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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