So far, the theme for Season 2 of “UnREAL” has been war and Monday’s (June 27) episode, titled “Treason,” is keeping it going. If ever there was a series that sets characters up for success and then immediate failure, it is this one. Needless to say, it’s that methodology that keeps things unpredictable as the pacing and stakes presented continue to come at audiences at a quickened pace.

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With Quinn’s (Constance Zimmer) realization that Rachel (Shiri Appleby) went to the network with concerns over the direction of “Everlasting” — coupled with the news that her father passed away — her motivations took a sharp turn in winning her series back from the clutches of Coleman (Michael Rady). Chet also noticed the tides shifting and did his best to get back on Quinn’s good graces. Talk about grabbing at straws!

unreal season 2 episode 4 chet quinn The UnREAL war gets personal: Quinn removes garbage person Rachel from her life

Rachel’s doing her best to stay afloat and it may more-so be considered treading water at this point. Still, she’s managing. Sidelining Quinn’s plans to use Darius’ (B.J. Britt) injury to bring in high ratings, Rachel has Coleman bring in a doctor friend to implement an epidural in the suitor’s back. Relieving the debilitating pain may be a temporary fix but, the impact this move has will be felt for weeks to come.

Romeo (Gentry White) is the only one thinking with a clear set of morals and ethics and it’s that behavior that gets Darius to fire his manager cousin. Whether it’s Rachel’s manipulative skills at work or his own goals to set things right with his career, we can’t see any way this decision won’t backfire in the long run. It’s only a matter of time before Darius’ back gives out, right? When that happens, will the spiritual spine of “Everlasting” break with it?

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Whatever the case, Quinn seems to be hitting bottom. After Chet’s attempt at reigniting their romance backfired — he got arrested for kidnapping his son — Quinn put her sights back on Rachel. In one final confrontation, she tells Rachel they were never friends and states she’s getting rid of all the garbage people in her life. Whether it’s simply a working relationship or not, those words had to have stung because Rachel immediately turns her attention to Coleman to get the approval she is looking for.

unreal season 2 rachel quinn treason The UnREAL war gets personal: Quinn removes garbage person Rachel from her life

With so much backstabbing going on, we have to wonder who will pay the biggest price this season. Will Darius’ career be ruined? Will Quinn successfully take the show back? What will be the straw that finally breaks Rachel? We know another psychotic episode is coming. We just don’t know when it’ll hit.

“UnREAL” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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