andrea cox kicked out utopia 'Utopia' pioneer Andrea Cox kicked out before filming begins due to contract violationThe contestants on FOX’s “Utopia” moved into their new home for the next year on Friday — well, all except for Andrea Cox, who was booted from the show before it even began.

In a statement provided to Zap2it, FOX, production company Talpa Media USA and the “Utopia” producers explain, “Due to violation of production policies, Andrea Cox will not enter ‘Utopia’ today with the other 14 pioneers. Replacement details will be announced.”

A source close to production tells Zap2it that Cox did not comply with numerous conditions of the confidentiality agreement she signed while the show was in pre-production — including trying to contact her fellow castmates.

Because the premise of the show hinges on the pioneers meeting each other as they enter the gates of the compound where they’re set to live for a year, Cox’s communications would have had a huge creative impact on the show.

It’s not clear what FOX’s contingency plan will be, but since the plan was always to introduce more residents into the new settlement it seems likely that the timeline for installing those new contestants will simply be moved up.

Posted by:Jean Bentley