No one does love – or lust – quite like “The Vampire Diaries,” whether it’s shirt-ripping love scenes, farewell dances, or tender first kisses at sunset. The Salvatore brothers certainly know how to pull at the heartstrings of shippers everywhere, as do a few of their favorite allies and worst enemies.

In honor of their sexiest and sweetest romances, Screener has compiled a list of the ten best romances in the history of the show, all eight seasons! Plus, the five worst.

The best

10. Elijah & Katherine

giphy2 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

The romance between Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Katherine (Nina Dobrev) is so ambiguously woven into the series that it could have lasted five minutes or five centuries. Fans will never know. Regardless, these two vamps had great chemistry, and Elijah’s straight-laced morality countered Katherine’s bad-girl attitude so well.

9. Jeremy & Anna


Call us sentimental, but the good old days of Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Anna (Malese Jow) in Season 1 were something special. Two emo loners falling in love in the library is classic, and when you add in that she just so happens to be a centuries-old vampire, it gets even better. At least we got a reprisal of their love story at the beginning of Season 3.

8. Damon & Rose


It may have been short-lived, but the romance between Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Rose (Lauren Cohan) was the most honest relationship we’ve seen from Damon outside of Delena. If you can watch the scene where Damon gives Rose one last happy moment before she dies without crying, you are officially a robot.

7. Mary Louise & Nora


Besides the fact that it’s the first real LGBT relationship on the show, Mary Louise (Teressa Liane) and Nora (Scarlett Byrne) have an insane amount of chemistry all rolled into a volatile combination of love, lust, and bloodthirsty rage. They can be adorable and coupley one second and causing mass murder the next.

6. Stefan & Rebekah

giphy 11 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

After spending so much time chasing after Elena, it was nice to see Stefan get chased a little, even if Rebekah (Claire Holt) might have been a little intense for him. A spinoff based entirely on their chaotic ’20s romance would be the greatest thing ever. Murder, speakeasies, and fangs? Sign us up.

5. Stefan & Caroline

giphy 3 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) are the dream couple for anyone who has ever wanted to get out of the friend zone. After years of building a solid relationship on friendship and trust, Caroline and Stefan finally took the leap and fell in love. And that first kiss scene? Stunning!

4. Bonnie & Enzo

tumblr nxgsjew82d1qi32tro1 500 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

This romance came out of left field, and honestly, it took us a while to get on board. Nevertheless, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) would live and die for each other — we just hope the never have to! After sacrificing so much of themselves for the people they love, Bonnie and Enzo deserve to dance off into their own sunset one day.

3. Bonnie & Damon

giphy 6 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

We’re going to let this one sneak in, even though the Bamon romance has yet to really “seal the deal,” so to speak. Bonnie and Damon have been a fan favorite ship since Season 1 of the show, and after spending the past few seasons growing closer and closer, they definitely deserve to make the list.

2. Klaus & Caroline


This romance is the biggest ‘What If?’ in “The Vampire Diaries” history. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline had chemistry off the charts, a devoted fan base, and a budding romance that got cut off right in the middle of their story. Maybe that’s what kept fans on the hook for years, but the Klaroline romance is still one of the biggest things to ever happen to this vampire melodrama.

1. Damon & Elena

tumblr noe60ow5ms1t7rwuxo2 500 1431697618 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

The epic, passionate romance between Damon and Elena is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons “The Vampire Diaries” has been as successful as it is. This couple took the world by storm from their very first Miss Mystic dance all the way to their last goodbye dance. Delena is still a huge and beloved part of the narrative even with Nina Dobrev gone from the show.


Unfortunately, where there are epic ships, there are also epic fails and here are five for your enjoyment.

The worst

5. Enzo & Lily

giphy 5 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

Sleeping with your best bro’s mom must break some kind of friendship pact right? We get that in a show where a “not so weird” age gap is 50 years, age is quite literally just a number, but still… Lily (Annie Wersching) and Enzo didn’t really feel right. At least they exchanged some pretty poetry before she died?

4. Stefan & Valerie

giphy 21 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

On its own, Stefan and Valerie’s (Elizabeth Blackmore) love story is timeless and tragic. Young lovers torn apart, secret unborn babies, and centuries-old reunions are kind of what the show is all about. Unfortunately, when you put it next to Stefan’s romance with Katherine, it feels like someone photocopied the Steferine relationship and just forgot to color in the cool parts. Sorry, Stalerie.

3. Bonnie & Jeremy

giphy 31 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

What started out as an adorable best friend and baby-brother romance quickly took a back seat to literally anything else on the show. Most of the time it was hard to remember if Bonnie and Jeremy were still dating, which doesn’t exactly sound like an epic romance. These two became more boring than watching paint dry, so maybe that’s why Jeremy hit the road?

2.Caroline & Alaric

giphy3 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

Creepy. It’s just creepy. Even when you disregard the fact that Caroline is the accidental surrogate to Alaric’s (Matt Davis) dead wife’s unborn babies — yeah … what? — Alaric was still her high school history teacher. And not in the sexy Ezra & Aria way that “Pretty Little Liars” pulls off. In the creepy 40-year-old alcoholic way.

1. Stefan & Elena

giphy 4 The 10 best Vampire Diaries romances … and the 5 worst

Stefan and Elena’s early years were the pinnacle of romance, no one can deny that. We still sometimes rewatch their Season 1 courtship period when we need a good cry. Eventually though, ancient doppelganger curses, weird body-jacking spells and Elena’s constant back and forth between Salvatore brothers killed any hope that their romance would ever be palatable again.

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