julia louis dreyfus escape clauses gi 'Veep' Julia Louis Dreyfus: 'There is no higher desire to make a statement'Zap2it: Does “Veep” have a message for viewers other than just making them laugh?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: At the end of the day we are just trying to entertain and hopefully make people laugh, because it is a comedy show, after all. There is no higher desire to make a “statement” about politics, other than to say it’s important to remember these are just people trying to do a job, just as you and I do. That’s what is both humanizing and scary about the whole process.
Zap2it: What surprised you most about a vice president’s job?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: This may sound simplistic, but what sort of surprised me is just the mundane realities of life in that office and the cruel realities of that position — to an extent, any position — in government, actually. When I spoke to people who had been in that office and who worked around various vice presidents, just the reality of certain indignities, I suppose, of being in that position was very interesting to learn about.
Zap2it: Did Washington insiders cooperate with the show?
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Quite a bit, and I hope we get even more after this first season. Some people were hesitant to give us a lot of insight into certain aspects of their political world because they weren’t sure exactly what we were trying to depict, which I understand. I think, though, that once they see the show and realize that we are not parodying any one person in particular, they may be even more available to us.

“Veeps” airs Sundays on HBO.

Posted by:John Crook