vinessa shaw vegas 'Vegas' Vinessa Shaw: 'I love that she's so confused'Zap2it: Do you have any personal background to bring to your “Vegas” role as the wife of 1960s mobster character?

Vinessa Shaw: Modern women just kind of slouch in their sweats, but with this, it’s the stockings and the shoes and the gloves and the earrings and the pearls. Back then, you still had to look very nice, just even going outside.

My grandmother is still a woman who worries about what she looks like when she goes outside. She’s from that era, and I can remember saying to her, “Grandmother, we’re just going to the grocery store.” And she’d be like, “I’ve got to fix my face!” You were very aware of how you were presenting yourself to society in 1960s Las Vegas.

Zap2it: How does that square with the specifics of your character, Laura?

Vinessa Shaw: I love that she’s so confused by Vegas. It’s like, “What do you do in the desert?” — her being from Chicago. The dry heat and the atmosphere of Sin City, just popping up in the desert, makes her quizzical. What is this whole society that’s building up doing in the middle of nowhere?

Zap2it: What do you think about the show’s visual style?

Vinessa Shaw: It looks beautiful — and really real. The way the director of photography is shooting the show gives, I think, a sense of excitement as well as a beauty to it. And [executive producer] James Mangold is a class act, and I think his voice in the show is very important. Jim and Cathy (Konrad, another “Vegas”  executive producer) both have impeccable taste.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin