Sometimes, news comes our way that deserves a simple smile and nod. On Wednesday’s (June 22) episode of “Conan,” Norman Reedus delivered such info. It’s not surprising that the popularity of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has led many to a life of cosplaying their favorite zombie-killing character.

Why wouldn’t you choose to stroll through conventions in sleeveless shirts, wielding a crossbow for all to behold? It sounds cool and apparently the popularity of Daryl Dixon is so powerful that some have taken the dress up game to a whole other level. After Conan asks him about professional Daryl impersonators — which are apparently a real thing — Norman tells him of a run-in his friend had with one.

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Not only did the guy at the bar look like Mr. Reedus — haircut, clothes, boots and all — he soon found out that this dude “played Norman Reedus.” What exactly does that mean? Well … not only did he impersonate Daryl Dixon on the weekends, during the week he took on the role of the motorcycle-loving actor. That’s not creepy at all.

Aside from the notion that this guy is working parties as everyone’s favorite “Walking Dead” bad boy, one has to wonder what reason someone would take on a profession such as this. “I think he’s getting laid,” Reedus says plainly. Well that makes sense. But we have to wonder … is he getting bitten too?

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