We’re less than two weeks aways from the Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead,” which means we’re closer than ever to finding out who Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) took his bat to in the finale.

It’s not a popular opinion, but we’ve already made our case about why Glenn (Steven Yeun) would be the best choice for that particular kill. Now that we know two people are likely going to die in the premiere, we’re ready to call out who the second death should be.

If Glenn’s toast, then Maggie Green (Lauren Cohan) has got to go too.

First of all, Maggie has slowly but surely lost everything and everyone in her life at this point. Her home, her father, her sister and for a time she even thought she lost her husband too. Losing Glenn for real would devastate Maggie, and we’re not sure we want to see her climb into that hole of grief. We got that payoff already when we all thought Glenn was dead before. It would be repetitive to see it all play out again.

Secondly, Maggie is still pregnant. She revealed her pregnancy at the beginning of Season 6, but she hasn’t even started showing yet thanks to the small time frame the season-long arc took place in. Unless we’re going to see a substantial time jump soon, Maggie will likely be pregnant for another full season. That’s a disastrously long time to milk a pregnancy plot — forgive the pun.

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Call us crazy for wanting to whack a pregnant lady, but quite simply, we’re just trying to cut this plot off at the pass.

Babies don’t work well in genre shows. Blood and guts and gore don’t mesh with “baby’s first steps” plot lines, and “The Walking Dead” has only barely been able to pull it off for baby Judith.

Let’s not push our luck by adding another infant into the mix, especially right as we’re introducing such a clear and present threat like Negan. Toting two babies around zombie-infested woods while fighting an all-out war against a psychopath seems like a big ask. Eventually, one of those babies would get eaten, and we’re just not here for that kind of graphic violence.

It might seem dark, but killing Maggie — and her unborn child by extension — would be an easy and devastating way to wrap up that plot without having to actually deliver another baby onto the show.

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Finally, ‘The Walking Dead” has been criticized a lot lately for shying away from killing off main characters. From Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) to Nicholas (Michael Traynor) to Denise (Merritt Wever), it seems like the show has gotten into a rut of introducing shiny new characters, only to kill them off while keeping the core members of the cast safe.

The best way to buck that idea is to kill off not one but two beloved main characters in this premiere.

At this point in the story, Maggie and Glenn are the most disposable of the original group, and their deaths would certainly change the course of the entire show, while reinforcing the idea that anyone can die. Even your faves.

“The Walking Dead” returns on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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