Costume designer Joanne Hansen says the best and most challenging part of her work on Syfy’s original series “Warehouse 13” is the time travel aspect of the show.

“Because it is driven by artifacts from any time period, we enter into worlds we might normally not,” she tells Zap2it.
But whatever worlds the show visits, the clothes worn by Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) stay true to the character’s strong, edgy style.

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“They reflect her independence and strength of character,” Hansen says. “She can do anything in them, from tinkering with artifacts to up and go out on a mission.”
The styling of Claudia’s jewelry is a collaborative effort between Hansen and Scagliotti.
“We shop in vintage shops for a lot of these pieces and some vintage political buttons or alternative current bands,” Hansen says. “We like independent jewelry makers such as Missy Industry and Cowgirls and Indians Resale. We go to Etsy online.”
Hansen points out that two of the outfits shown below – the first and third ones – have a similar feel.
warehouse 13 tv fash 1 325 'Warehouse 13': Time travel a definite perk for Allison Scagliotti's wardrobe
“They are not costumey, and they basically represent the same kind of silhouette,” she says.

“Here Claudia is wearing a fitted, short cropped take on a motorcycle jacket that is an acid-dyed sweatshirt fabric and layered over a colored tank and skinny jeans and styled with her various buttons and jewelry. The tank is a Vince tank, and the jeans are Hudson. The leather cuff bracelet — a lot of those kinds of things come from street vendors. Her jewelry comes from the world she inhabits on the show. We try to imagine where Claudia would live and work in a city or travel and be comfortable.”
warehouse 13 tv fash 2 325 'Warehouse 13': Time travel a definite perk for Allison Scagliotti's wardrobe
“In this episode, players were hooked up to a video game in your mind, and the players were characters from your own mind, but there were glitches. So Claudia and Pete went in to fix the situation, and they chose their characters. Claudia chose to be herself, but it was heard as ‘elf.’ So we did rock ‘n’ roll ’70s glam meets an elf. We built that costume. She has elf ears.”
warehouse 13 tv fash 3 325 'Warehouse 13': Time travel a definite perk for Allison Scagliotti's wardrobe
“This is what we call a Claudia gray work jacket. When she is at the warehouse, often she is fixing things, or she is tinkering and inventing something. She is wearing Hudson jeans again.”
warehouse 13 tv fash 4 325 'Warehouse 13': Time travel a definite perk for Allison Scagliotti's wardrobe
“That’s Civil War re-enactors. This is contemporary times, but Steve and Claudia are searching for an artifact they suspect belongs to somebody within this group of Civil War re-enactors. Earlier in the episode, she was in a man’s Civil War outfit, and they posed as soldiers. During battle she was shot and had to leave the field, so she dug out of someone’s bag a costume and a wig so they can continue to search for this artifact. That was a fully built costume with a hoop skirt, and the layers are a very kind of ‘Gone With the Wind’ interpretation.”
Posted by:Monique Marcil