Scott Foley in Scandal Season 4Are Olivia Pope’s days of standing in the sun over? On the April 16 episode of “Scandal,” Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) was killed by Pope’s new lover Russell (Brian White) … or was he? 

By the looks of the previews for next week’s episode, all signs point to “yes,” as Ballard is seen laying bloody and lifeless on the OPA conference table. However, he could just be really good at playing dead due to his stealth B613 training. 

If he is actually dead, why in the world would the hit ABC series kill off half of the biggest love triangle on the show? It may have to do with another Shonda Rhimes series in development.
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While Jake’s death is no doubt a total game changer for “Scandal,” fans can be comforted to know that Foley is teaming up with his former “Felicity” co-star Greg Grunberg to write a new ABC comedy about relationships. Rhimes will be executive producing the project along with “Scandal’s” Betsy Beers. The untitled new project will focus around an engaged couple and their interesting group of friends. 
Even though fans will undoubtedly be happy to still see Foley on TV, the news he might be dead rocked them to the core as he was stabbed on the show. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins