Jimmy Fallon brought back the game “Five-Second Summaries” for Andy Samberg’s Wednesday (Sept. 24) appearance on “The Tonight Show.” Fallon previously played with James Franco, which was funny in a whole different way. But this time around, Fallon and Samberg actually do really well.

The idea is to describe a movie in five seconds (then three, then one second) to the other person without using words from the title or actors’ names. The video is quite funny, if only to hear Samberg scream, “I’M IN THE CHEERIOS!” when trying to get Fallon to guess “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.”

Also, Jimmy Fallon confuses “You’ve Got Mail” with “Basic Instinct,” which … dude.

Below, Fallon and Samberg joke around during a commercial break about how Fallon tried to get a sandwich named after himself at a local diner, because Samberg just got to design a sandwich with Umami burger.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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