Movie star Chris Hemsworth hosted “Saturday Night Live” this week (March 7) and it was actually pretty great, especially because in addition to the funny, there was also a lot of weird.

The above “Spaceship Chicken” sketch was definitely the most bizarre sketch of the night, but what makes it extra funny is that it aired within the first half-hour of the show. Usually weird stuff like this — Hemsworth is in love with a live chicken, y’all — is reserved for after the second musical performance. It was definitely the sketch that had Twitter a-buzz:

But there were lots of other good sketches too. There was a terrific “Empire” send-up, and an “Avengers: Age of Ultron” sketch that treated the Avengers’ victory like a sports win, complete with Gatorade dump on Nick Fury’s head and Thor giving a shout-out to fans to listen to his podcast. The “Reality House” sketch was also a solid skit, and of course, Leslie Jones on “Weekend Update” is always a welcome sight.

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And to see the latest entry into the ever-growing “Kate McKinnon Impressions” club, check out the Iggy Azalea Show sketch at the bottom. It’s not the strongest sketch of the night, but it’s like — what impression can’t McKinnon do?

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