glee season 6 blaine warblers ed sheeran sing Watch 'Glee' Season 6's first performance: Blaine and the Warblers cover Ed Sheeran's 'Sing'“Glee” returns for its sixth and final season on Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 with a double-episode of sweet, musical goodness. In anticipation of the two-hour premiere, consisting of the episodes “Loser Like Me” and “Homecoming,” you can watch the first full song from the new season now.

Blaine and the new class of Dalton Warblers take on Ed Sheeran’s late-2014 hit, “Sing,” with snazzy dance moves to match. It’s unclear what brings Blaine and Rachel to Dalton to begin with, but it ends with them being serenaded by a bunch of cute dudes in blazers — and Blaine joining in.

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After the new guys pick up an honorary Warbler jacket from some sort of Blaine shrine, they put it on their former leader and somehow, magically, he just knows the song and dance moves. Then he and Rachel get spun around on the couch a bunch of times and don’t get dizzy. Oh, “Glee,” we’ve missed you.

The premiere episode(s) will see Rachel’s return to Lima after a failed television career, where she reinstates the glee club at McKinley High after Sue banishes all of the arts from the school. Blaine is also back home, coaching the Warblers, while Will is coaching Vocal Adrenaline and Sam is the assistant coach for the McKinley High football team.

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The rest of the New Directions gang — Puck, Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, Brittany, Artie and Tina — all head back for Homecoming and to help Rachel and Kurt recruit talent for the new glee club in the second hour of the show.

Hear Darren Criss show off his falsetto in the video below. “Glee” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX beginning Jan. 9 and ending with a two-hour finale on March 20.

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