Kristen Stewart, who is not exactly known for her winning personality in interviews, let her hair down (a bit) on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday (Oct. 7). She’s there promoting her new movie, “Camp X-Ray,” which features Stewart as a Guantanamo Bay guard who has forged a taboo friendship with one of her prisoners.

To lighten the mood after a clip of the movie, Fallon enlists Stewart in a game of “Ring Around the Nosey.” K-Stew is a good sport, kind of. She at least plays the game, though she’s still a bit like Moaning Myrtle. Why does it seem like Kristen Stewart hates fun? She probably doesn’t hate fun, but it really seems like it sometimes.

Below, Stewart regales Fallon with a story of how she got her dog, which may or may not have been stolen from a frisbee golf park (not really, but watch the video, it’s funny).

“Camp X-Ray” opens Oct. 17.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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