Apparently Tyler Perry is a known “remote control enthusiast,” which means Jimmy Fallon always wants to try to beat him at various remote control activities when Perry visits his show. Tuesday (Sept. 30) on “The Tonight Show,” Perry and Fallon faced off with jumping drones, running the little robots through a series of obstacles.

The drone cams are pretty nifty, it’s worth a watch. But (spoiler alert) Fallon is 0 for 4 against Perry in racing remote control toys. As Perry says below, he’s “the Jay Leno of remote control planes,” so it really isn’t a fair fight.

Also below, Perry talks about “Gone Girl,” which he stars in alongside Ben Affleck. Perry says book readers and non-book readers alike will really enjoy it — we’ve heard that as well, for what it’s worth. Perry also says that he learned so much about directing from working for David Fincher in the film.

In the last video, Perry and Fallon compare birthday parties. Needless to say, Perry did not have Seth Rogen and James Franco popping naked out of a giant cake.

“Gone Girl” opens nationwide Friday, Oct. 3.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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