Some talk show interviews are boring, some only have one or two good moments — not Willie Nelson. He was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Friday (March 20), and his entire interview is a treasure trove of awesome from start to finish — though, naturally, about 80 percent of the interview is about marijuana in some way.

Above, Kimmel asks him about “all the girls he’s loved before,” which is a nod to his 1984 duet with Julio Iglesias. Nelson plays coy about his love life, but says, “I’ve been very fortunate.”

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Below, Nelson talks about selling his famous braids for charity and how you could plant them and grow a marijuana plant, and he also skirts around confirming the rumor that he once smoked pot on the roof of the White House.

In the very last video, Nelson reveals a creative way that he tried to smoke pot while on tour in Japan (where marijuana is highly illegal) and he also somehow manages to “tell a non-offensive AIDS joke, that’s unbelievable,” Kimmel marvels.

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