alex wilson weather channel 'Weather Center Live': Alex Wilson excited about Dave Schwartz return
Zap2it: In getting your weekday afternoon shift on “Weather Center Live,” how did it feel to be partnered with recent channel returnee Dave Schwartz?
Alex Wilson: I know the day it was announced, people were thrilled that he was coming back, especially those who had worked with him. Those of us who hadn’t been here then knew of him, so we were also saying, “Oh, my gosh. This is so exciting!”
It was pretty much all the upstairs decision-makers who put him where they put him, and with me, eventually … but I don’t think there was anyone who said, “I don’t want to work with him.” A lot of us got our start in meteorology because of Dave Schwartz, so I think his love of weather is fascinating and also inspiring to some.
Zap2it: Has your clearly evident enthusiasm for covering the weather always been with you?
Alex Wilson: Even at my last job in Greenville, S.C., I came home from work and watched The Weather Channel. I’d be at the gym on the elliptical and still watching, and people would laugh at me because I didn’t put work away at the end of the day.
For me, The Weather Channel was something that was always enjoyable. They made the weather entertaining, and I really learned something from them, too. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to work here, it’s been amazing. Everyone in this building loves weather, even those who maybe didn’t come in with expertise in it.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin