“Weeds” costume designer Linda Bass is very sad that Season 8 will be the series’ last.
“It’s my all-time favorite show,” she tells Zap2it. “It is like dessert after a meal. I started in the fourth season, and what struck me about the first three is the thing I loved about Nancy (played by Mary-Louise Parker) is she is so brave in her clothes choices. She can be in the most precarious situation wearing a see-through blouse. She is very body confident, and it didn’t matter where she found herself; it always came through.”
Bass has a unique approach to dressing Nancy.
“I read the script and think logically what Nancy would wear,” she says, “and then I always have to turn it around 360. She never does the expected; she does the unexpected, and she puts the Nancy twist on everything. It gets her in trouble a lot of the time, but it’s why she ends up prevailing.”
Bass often shops for Nancy at Ron Herman on Melrose in Los Angeles, which is one of Parker’s favorite stores. Other designers include Catherine Malandrino, Temperley and Alberta Ferretti.
“I don’t do any shopping online or department stores,” Bass says. “I shop only at boutiques because I always am looking for the unique things. Nancy is such a unique person you don’t want to see it walking down the street.”
Nancy’s daring wardrobe wouldn’t work on just anyone, and Parker has proven fearless. A look inside Nancy’s lingerie drawer would reveal a lot of French bras because many of her tops are see-through.
“The colors of them are always very important,” Bass says. “If the straps are showing, it’s a great color that adds to it. Sometimes we just line the front, and she doesn’t wear a bra. It’s cable; you can get away with a lot more.”
When it comes to jewelry, Nancy typically wears layered pieces, including celebrity favorite Me&Ro. Last season Bass introduced new jeweler Dannijo, two sisters out of New York.

“Their father was a heart surgeon, and they started messing around with his tools when they were young,” she says. “It’s a little more rustic than Me&Ro, and when we mix it in, it is pretty great. I’ll go everywhere to find jewelry, really special pieces with a little edgy. There’s nothing sweet about anything Nancy wears.”
Bass shares some examples of Nancy’s signature style:
weeds fashion 1 showtime 325 'Weeds' Nancy Botwin: 'She never does the expected'
“This is a Joie top and Mother shorts. Nancy was going to see the police lieutenant who was investigating them. Through the light you could see her bra. At first it’s sweet and adorable, but there is a kind of underlying sexuality that always is there in Nancy’s wardrobe.”
weeds fashion 2 showtime 325 'Weeds' Nancy Botwin: 'She never does the expected'
“Here Nancy is wearing Mother cutoffs, a really great Gucci halter top and cowboy boots. She is going to try to connect with someone who is her nemesis, but yet she is wearing a halter top in the backwoods of Northern California.”
Posted by:Monique Marcil