In the ’90’s, actor Jaleel White became a TV phenomenon with his performance as nerdy, nebbish Steve Urkel. In the two decades since the show went off the air, the iconic character has been hard to escape — and now, in a “weird” new car commercial, Jaleel can’t even go for car ride without the glasses-wearing, high-waisted Urkel tagging along.

The commercial for Scion bears the tagline “Weird, right?” so it makes sense (sort of) that the ad begins with Jaleel White driving a car with a life-sized doll of his “Family Matters” character in the passenger seat. “Look, it’s the new Scion iM,” says the voiceover. “And there’s actor Jaleel White, and Wax Museum Urkel.”

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For some reason never quite explained, a vintage laugh track keeps exploding uproariously as it follows the duo everywhere, making this perhaps the strangest demented-sitcom viral clip since “Too Many Cooks.”

“It’s weird they’re hanging out,” says the voiceover. “But dual zone automatic climate control keeps one toasty and the other from melting.”

In a word, the commercial is … well, weird. But as the voiceover keeps pointing out, that’s the point.

“It’s weird that they’d want dual-wishbone rear suspension. But the road to redefining oneself has many twists and turns,” the voice says. The punchline, however, comes when White finally arrives at their location — a campground? — and has difficulty adjusting his side mirror.

“Did I do … ?” he begins, almost delivering Urkel’s iconic phrase, but stopping himself short as the laugh track erupts.

One thing’s for sure: Fans need to start writing letters to Scion demanding a follow-up ad with Urkel and Jaleel camping.

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