Call it the Golden Age. Call it Peak TV.

We call it… our everything.

Whatever you may call it, the fact is, TV has never been better.

Never before have networks, cablers and streaming platforms cut such a wide swath of programming choices. From zombie infestations to unlikely superheroes; from a mystical, medieval realm to a new spin on the old west, nary a character profile has been left unturned; no genre untapped.

It’s a powerful time to be a TV watcher. Of course, there’s that whole great power, great responsibility thing – and that’s where Screener comes in.

At Screener, we embody the passionate TV fanatic yearning for smart, engaging discussion and insight around their own (sometimes borderline unhealthy, but we’re totally not judging) TV obsessions.

Complementing expert-driven, opinion-fueled commentary with a seamless utility component, we strive to help even the most seasoned TV aficionado navigate the vast sea of linear, digital and streaming options.

For the industry enthusiast and numbers junkie, TV By The Numbers powers Screener’s TV ratings vertical, offering a comprehensive, yet relatable, deep dive into the stats that define what’s ultimately a hit – and a miss – in the TV landscape.

And, in 2017, Screener will proudly welcome the revival of Television Without Pity, with an unexpected twist.

Across the entire Screener portfolio, you’ll find a rich, video-first, social-friendly, contextual approach to the world of television, breaking down every aspect of the plotlines that fuel our passion and the characters the drive our obsession.

It’s not just our responsibility to help you filter out the noise and focus on the best programs that deserve your time – it’s our privilege.

We believe in a comfy couch and a full queue.
We believe staying in has long been the new going out.
We believe your next binge should be your best binge.
We believe these things… because we love TV as much as you do.

Welcome to Screener.

– Eric Anderson, Managing Editor 

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Posted by:Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson is the Managing Editor of Screener. He has been covering the ins and outs of the entertainment world since before Al Gore invented the internet. His entire world was forever changed the day Rebecca Howe walked into "Cheers." He now spends his days fighting for DVR space against "Sesame Street" reruns. TV words to live by: "No more half-measures, Walter."