justin guarini twitter troll Well played, Justin Guarini: 'From Justin to Kelly' is magicJustin Guarini, first-ever “American Idol” runner-up, star of “From Justin to Kelly” and enduring pop culture punchline, has an excellent sense of humor about his place in history.

The actor/singer/hair icon, as his Twitter bio states, has recently begun responding to joking tweets about him and his past work with his tongue fully placed in his cheek.

Because it’s Friday, and on Friday why not Google yourself, Guarini began posting screenshots of tweets making fun of him. “Do you ever wonder how different our lives would be if Justin Guarini won American Idol?” asked one.

Solid punchline, Guarini.

Or how about this one, of a twentysomething girl asking whether her 14-year-old self or her “From Justin to Kelly” poster is more tragic:

But the best tweet comes as a response to one user calling Guarini out for trolling Twitter for tweets about himself. Take it away, Justin:

Posted by:Jean Bentley