Halfway through its first season, "Westworld" has put a lot of moving parts into play. Using the 1973 Michael Crichton movie as the main foundation for the series, creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have successfully moved the tale forward in a thought provoking and engaging manner. And while this may be considered an outlandish science fiction series, fans have flocked wildly to a slew of theories regarding multiple characters, mysterious plot points and the inevitable twists to come.

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Sunday's (Nov. 6) episode gave us a few answers. We now know Theresa Cullen (Sidse Babett Knudsen) has been leaking park secrets and that Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) is keeping unregistered hosts in a secret part of the park so as to keep connected to his own past. How obvious, in retrospect, was it that the little boy he met in Episode 2 was really made in his own image?

Those are merely two answers given amid a sea of speculation. So, with that being said, let's take a dive down the "Westworld" rabbit hole and explore some more popular fan theories, shall we?

Bernard is really a host

westworld jeffrey wright bernard lowe The Westworld rabbit hole is dark ... and full of theories

Almost as soon as Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) was introduced in the series, fans began noticing some hints here and there that would allude to Dr. Robert Ford's right-hand man being a host in disguise.

If this were true, then the story of his wife and deceased son are all just a part of his narrative, keeping him grounded and connected to Delos... And Dr. Ford, as well. As for his relationship with Theresa... Well, we have a feeling that is not going to end well.

Dr. Ford killed Arnold

westworld dr ford episode 3 the stray The Westworld rabbit hole is dark ... and full of theories

The mysterious Arnold has been referenced multiple times throughout the first season of "Westworld." While Logan (Ben Barnes) advised William (Jimmi Simpson) of Arnold's death, which transpired soon after the critical failure that transpired 30 years in the past, he's also been referenced here and there by the Man in Black (Ed Harris).

Most notably, though, is the story Dr. Ford tells Bernard about his old partner. After the two men butted heads over Arnold's mission to give the hosts consciousness, he ended up dying in the park. They say it was suicide but there's something about Ford's tone that makes us wonder what details are being left out of this story. And if he is dead, then how is his voice being broadcast covertly to the park's malfunctioning hosts?

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There are two Doloreses

westworld dolores evan rachel wood episode 5 The Westworld rabbit hole is dark ... and full of theories

When Logan and William brought Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) to Pariah, her visions got more intense. Not only does she see herself walking through a street parade, she later sits down opposite her fortune teller doppelganger. Could she be short circuiting? Or is something bigger at play?

What if what is happening here is simply a communication between two versions of the same bot. Could Delos harbor multiple iterations of the same host? It'd make it a lot easier to install updates through an uplink process from one robot of the same make to another. It'd add even more context to Bernard's secret meetings with Dolores. Plus, if she's in the middle of a narrative adventure, how would the people not notice if she was suddenly taken from the park to be inspected by any of the Delos techs, or even Dr. Ford himself?

William is really The Man in Black

westworld man in black episode 5 ed harris The Westworld rabbit hole is dark ... and full of theories

This is a big one. So far, the two main storylines that have been explored in "Westworld" have been of William's first visit to the park and The Man in Black's return. The younger of the two is still working out his own adventure while falling in love with Dolores while the other is out to find the center of the elusive maze with the ultimate plan to destroy the park. But what if the two stories are linked?

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This theory states that William is really the Man in Black but 30 years in the past. Not only has the Man in Black said he was born in the park 30 years ago, but he also is the owner of a foundation. Could it be the same foundation that Logan and William work for? Logan previously discussed his interests providing a large investment in "Westworld." If William is promoted to a high ranking position, and he becomes the black-clad murderer, then it'd make sense that he'd get carte blanche to kill and rape as his pleases.

Simply put: Without William, and his foundation's investment keeping the park afloat, there would probably be no "Westworld." Why his older, more grizzled self would be out to destroy the whole thing is a whole other question we're still waiting for an answer to.

The show exists in two timelines

westworld dolores william episode 5 The Westworld rabbit hole is dark ... and full of theories

This concept goes hand-in-hand with the whole William/Man in Black theory. Because if that notion turns out to be true, then "Westworld" is operating both 30 years in the past and present day -- realizing, of course, that the show's present day is really sometime in the robotic future.

Remember him asking Dolores, "You still don't remember me, do you?" in the season opener? It goes even further than that, though, because not only do we see how the Man in Black interacts with a beaten down Lawrence (Clifton Collins, Jr.), but we're shown William's first introduction to the villain in the visit he, Dolores and Logan take to Pariah.

In essence, we're watching an origin story and revenge sequel play out simultaneously. And if this theory is correct, it blows "Westworld" open to a whole magnificent world (no pun intended) of possibilities.

"Westworld" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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