Sunday’s (Oct. 30) episode of “Westworld,” titled “Contrapasso” — a nod to Dante’s Inferno, referring to the punishment of souls in Hell with the literal translation being, “suffer the opposite” — gave more of an understanding to Dr. Robert Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) past — and with it, that of Dolores’s (Evan Rachel Wood)

In one of the show’s many familiar quality control sequences, we see Dr. Ford sitting down with a very naked Dolores. Most of the conversations we’ve seen with her in this environment, thus far, has been with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), so this instance holds some weight. Not only do we see that there is a history between Ford and Dolores, it seems that he may be privy to her secret meetings.

But moreover, there’s something about their sit-down that causes Ford to shed a tear. Were they really old friends? No — we think they were once, a long time ago, more like lovers.

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But while that scene had us raising an eyebrow, another aspect of this particular meeting made us wonder something: Is there more than one Dolores in Westworld?

westworld dolores william episode 5 Westworld theory: A tale of two Doloreses

You see, the adventure that William (Jimmi Simpson) and Logan (Ben Barnes) find themselves in directly requires the involvement of Ms. Abernathy. At what point in time would the technicians have to come in and take the host away to be examined, while not interrupting the game? We’ve seen this happen previously when a host malfunctions, but she hasn’t been flagged… yet.  This leads us to a very strong inkling that there can’t just be one Dolores.

What if the Dolores that Bernard and Dr. Ford have met with is a different iteration of the host — one that houses her narrative, technical system and so on? It’d be an easy way to check on the in-game of Dolores. The best way to propose this theory would be to compare the notion of two robots and one AI, to two computers and one hard drive.

Here, though, we’re referring to artificial intelligence instead of a drive containing pertinent software. A “Westworld” host is very much a shell in the same way a computer is, so it’s not that far-fetched of a notion… is it?

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westworld dolores evan rachel wood episode 51 Westworld theory: A tale of two Doloreses

If Delos uses some sort of uplink to maintain an informational connection between the robots behind-the-scenes and their host counterparts, this would give new insight on how Bernard’s conversations with Dolores has affected her in-game. As well, it would give some believable context to the visions, and subsequent sit-down conversation, she had with the alternate version of herself.

We’re not saying she was face-to-face with her twin. No, what we are saying is that the version of her that exists off-world is slowly and steadily breaking through the in-game host’s narrative loop — with the goal of eventually waking her from the proverbial slumber that is this repetitive existence.

And if the Dolores robot Dr. Ford was speaking with gets through to her in-game sister (so to speak), things are going to get dangerous for everyone involved. Because this robot has some damaging intel — secrets that could help the Man in Black destroy the maze, possibly — and since she was created by Arnold, who also defied Dr. Ford’s directives 30 years ago, it’s possible another “critical failure” is just right around the corner.

“Westworld” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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