Thandie Newton stars in Westworld on HBO

HBO debuted a new trailer for “Westworld” at its 2015 TCA press tour presentation Thursday (July 30), and the two-minute look paints a picture of a trippy ride through the dystopic world created by Michael Crichton in the 1973 film of the same name.

There is much footage of Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford, the creator the futuristic theme park from which the series gets it’s name. While Ford watches a creation being made out of plastic by a 3D printer, he intones, “So our creatures have been misbehaving. You think it’s sabotage? You imagine someone’s been diddling with our creations?”

One of his aides says that’s the “simplest solution,” to which Ford replies, “It’s the Occam’s Razor. … Occam was a 13th-century monk. He’d have us burned at the stake.”

Mixed in are clips of James Marsden as gunslinger Teddy Flood, Thandie Newton as Westworld’s madame and Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy, a girl in Westworld who starts to realize her entire life is an elaborately-constructed lie.

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“Do you know where you are?” an unseen man asks Wood. “I’m in a dream,” says Dolores. When asked if she wants to wake up, she says, “Yes, I’m terrified.”

The park’s creations are certainly the focus. Indeed, HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo says later that “only one character that you saw in the clip is a visitor to the park.”

“I think in the film, you were very invested in one particular group of humans that were enjoying the park and their experience with the robots,” says Lombardo. “This is not that. This is very much told from the POV of the robots. The corporate world is as dimensionalized as the park. I think the visitors to the park are really not the primary focus of our show at all.”

“Westworld” premieres in 2016 on HBO.

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