emmy rossum shameless s2 What it takes to make Emmy Rossum 'Shameless'Zap2it: How did you create your “Shameless” character, Fiona Gallagher?

Emmy Rossum: Well, she probably has my temperament, a little bit. But she has my mother — my mother is a single mother — my mother’s loyalty and fierceness, that kind of mama bear instinct that my mother always had for me. And she has my instinct for a good time. So it’s kind of a combination of a lot of different things.

And then there’s also just experimental things that you’ll try in a scene, and suddenly the way that person laughs will become the way they laugh. Or a nervous habit that they do with their hands that’ll seem right and will become part of the character, part of their tics, their antics, whatever. So it’s kind of a hard process to ever really explain because it’s always different.

I usually start with the way the character speaks, because I’m a very audio kind of a person. The accent, the timbre of the voice, and then that’ll go with kind of a way of walking. And so that’s kind of where I start.

Zap2it: You’ve had culinary training. What do you like to make?

Emmy Rossum: Last night, I made a carrot ginger soup with onions. It’s super simple. It’s like four ingredients, but it’s really good. Onions in a pan with olive oil and ginger, and you throw tons of carrots in and cover it with chicken stock and then cook it for a little while, puree it. It’s amazing. … It’s like a pretty popular winter soup. I’m not a good baker, because I like to be kind of a creative mess in the kitchen. Baking is very to a T.

Posted by:George Dickie