jason silva brain games 325 discovery What scares 'Brain Games' Jason Silva?Zap2it: What scares you?

Jason Silva: That some of the greatest accomplishments may not come in one lifetime. It’s really sad to die of cancer before it is cured. It occasionally makes me anxious.

Zap2it: Why is technology so critical right now?

Jason Silva: It’s wonderful our brains are amplified by technology. Microchips have more energy per second per gram going through them than on the surface of the sun. We are taking that concentration, and you see this concentration of energy, its runaway possibilities.

Zap2it: Who is one of your heroes?

Jason Silva: Carl Sagan. When he talks, he looks like he is having a mindgasm. He is reveling in the moment.

Zap2it: You are giving a lot of talks around the world. What’s it like?

Jason Silva: My speaking has gone insane. I spoke at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House. It’s surreal. My main thing is to get people to think exponentially. It’s a key idea I happen to focus on.

Zap2it: We are in a time of tremendous change. How do you see it?

Jason Silva: Obviously, disruption feels like a threat to the status quo. We are used to changing generation to generation, not to go to college and come out and you are obsolete. Disruption is an opportunity to present what is possible for us. We are moving into a time where our brains are being vastly augmented. We are outsourcing our cognition with external hard drives. I get really excited by this. We have increased our capacity of what our brains can do.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler