the walking dead season 6 returns What we need from The Walking Dead in 2016

hypable logo square5 What we need from The Walking Dead in 2016Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” aired its mid-season finale on November 29, leaving a few cliffhangers scattered amongst a so-so hour of television. With the holidays upon us, what better time than now to make a wishlist of things we would like to see when The Walking Dead returns on February 14, 2016? (By the way: Thank you for the wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, AMC!)

These ideas are mostly based on what we saw go down in Season 6, episode 8, titled “Start to Finish.”

Sam needs to die

twd sam dead season 6 What we need from The Walking Dead in 2016

This kid has gotten so annoying. Sure, I can try to be compassionate and defend his fear of everything that lurks outside Alexandria’s walls. He’s just a kid, after all. But the breaking point came at the very end of Season 6, episode 8 when he started calling for mommy, who was a foot ahead of him. I think Carol needs to pull a Lizzie on Sam.

Deanna’s plans need to be carried out

Deanna wasn’t always the easiest to love, but we mustn’t forget that she was the leader of Alexandria before Rick showed up. For that, she deserves our respect. It was refreshing to see a woman in charge of a massive safe zone like this one, and she did her best to keep it as safe as possible. She was someone who stood her ground, even against Rick. Hell, one could even argue that Alexandria was safer without Rick and co when we look at the current state of the place.

deanna twd dead What we need from The Walking Dead in 2016

Michonne and the rest of Alexandria must pay their respects to Deanna by fulfilling her plans for Alexandria’s expansion. You may remember that two weeks ago Michonne reviewed some of Deanna’s plans to grow Alexandria into a larger community. It’s no mistake that Micheonne reviewed those plans and was the last one to say goodbye to Deanna in the mid-season finale. Expect Michonne to fight in the late Deanna’s corner when The Walking Dead resumes next year.

Which brings us to our next point …

Restore Alexandria

alexandria twd What we need from The Walking Dead in 2016

The Alexandria Safe Zone is the place Rick and co. reside at the longest in Robert Kirkman’s comic series. With this in mind, it’s safe to assume that the group on the TV adaptation is not close to leaving Alexandria for good.

The mid-season finale depicted Rick, Jessie, and their loved ones making their way to the armory under the cover of walker guts. Once (if) they reach it, they’ll use the weapons within to hopefully take back control of Alexandria.

Assuming they do, it’ll be time to get more serious about protecting their home from the walkers, Saviors, and Wolves. It’s time to build a community they can feel “safe” in again, and there’s no time like the present to really haul ass on that mission. It’s frustrating that Rick can’t hold Alexandria together, though I understand this was the whole point of Season 6 right from the beginning. But as a viewer, it’s time to recover. Enough.

A surprise appearance from Negan

AMC held perhaps the most exciting part of the mid-season finale for 10 minutes after the episode finished airing. During Into the Badlands’s first commercial break, a two-minute Walking Dead “prologue” aired, depicting Sasha, Daryl, and Abraham encountering Saviors who utter the word “Negan” for the first time. You can watch the scene above.

Previously, reports have stated that Negan won’t be showing up until the Season 6 finale, which is a good six to seven months from now. That’s too far away! Now that Negan has been mentioned, fans will be clamoring for an appearance in each of the eight remaining episodes. Don’t make us wait until spring before seeing Negan actually appear on screen. You dragged us through the ringer with Glenn, so don’t keep us waiting long for Negan. What if he were to show up in a couple post-credit scenes like Morgan did before he reunited with Rick?

Loose ends

carol morgan twd 6x08 fight What we need from The Walking Dead in 2016

A lot happened in the mid-season finale, so there’s much to think about between now and when the season resumes. For example, Carol and Rick need to take control of Morgan, who frankly has lost his mind in regards to how he treats enemies.

Speaking of taking care of bad people, Carl should really kill Ron. This guy is obviously bad news. If someone wants to kill you, you can never trust them again. We understand why Carl didn’t bring the issue up to his dad in the mid-season finale, but that twist shouldn’t be kept a secret for much longer.

Maybe Carl should fill Carol in on the situation and let her take out both of Jessie’s problematic children. We know she’s good at killing kids …

And while we’re talking about killing people, let’s get rid of Father Gabriel too.


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