I was wondering about the different men who are portraying Colonel Sanders for KFC ads. Darrell Hammond was the first and then all of a sudden, he seemed to be replaced by Norm Macdonald. Recently, a new actor has appeared in the latest commercials. What’s up?

Comedian and TV actor Jim Gaffigan is the latest to take on the role of spokesman for KFC (it’s no longer Kentucky Fried Chicken). Like Hammond and Macdonald before him, Gaffigan plays Harland Sanders, the real-life standard bearer for the chicken chain; Sanders died in 1980.

The actor-shifting campaign, which began in May 2015, certainly generates talk about the ads and the restaurant chain. And it adds to what Market Watch has called a KFC attempt to bring fun to the brand — and to make Sanders “relatable to millennials.” That apparently calls for more than Go Cups.

Posted by:Rich Heldenfels, Akron Beacon Journal